Friday, March 30, 2007

Wednesday March 20, 2007

Holy cow. It is nearing the end of March already. HOw time flies when I am having fun cruising down the backroads and interstates.

I called Rob to see if we could get together for supper. (For once I checked the mileage first. LOL) It's not that far.

The weather people keep threatening rain, but I am not seeing any. Each day, it is supposed to be pouring and thunderstormy and it hasn't been.

I work some more, laying the groundwork in Michigan for this new initiative. Inching our way. LOL

Today was a great day for riding. Just a kick back and cruise kind of a day. I do look at what type of clouds I am driving into, but no damp weather has happened as of yet. Instead, the weather has been totally perfect. Rob's not free for dinner (he wants to do the Jack-in-the-Box thing. I have a hard time doing the Box thing as --never mind, I know that they all aren't like that one. but eewwww. I just can't get over it. I was worse than the ants crawling all over the salads in the salad bar at Ryans in Hammond, LA.

Since I am now in Missouri, there are no more Whatburgers. What's up with that? I do so like Whataburgers. Their iced tea doesn't taste like coffee. That can make me a fan for life. LOL

Have any of the rest of you noticed that the ice tea that many of these restaurants serve seem to taste like coffee? Now if that doesn't gross you out taste wise, think about why the tea tastes like coffee. I always see it as a not clean enough kind of thing.

When I call Rob, and find out he isn't free for dindin anyway, I decide to stop in Springfield. That way, maybe Tom will either be at home or at work when I pass through Lebanon, MO.

I like to ride through Missouri. Its a state that is green and has hills.

This afternoon, I had a heart attack when a motorhome almost moved into me while I was cruising down the road. I sped up and made contact with the driver to make sure than he knew that I was there. (Yes, it was polite contact-no fingers were flying.)

Happy trails, Marty

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