Saturday, March 8, 2008

Parents and Eating LOL

I am still in Texas with my parents. We went to Jason's Deli for lunch. I ordered on of the broccoli spuds that I like so much. The potatoes are huge, absolutely massive, but unbelievable delicious. It's kind of hard on me when we go to Jason's Deli.

To give you an idea, at home I try to avoid eating much corn, wheat or dairy. Here, I end up eating things like cereal for breakfast. They like corn flakes, I really try to not do much corn. There are a lot of cereals I could eat, but I don't much enjoy rice or oat cereals so I choose to eat shredded wheat.

This means that I start my day off with two of the foods I try most to avoid. The reason that I avoid them is that I seem to move much slower and have less energy when I eat them. I actually like having protein for breakfast.

I like having a big breakfast, a big lunch and then a little supper. That works well for me. I am able to at the very least maintain the weight loss that I achieved a couple of years ago. I feel best eating a high protein, lots of vegies and some fruits diet.

It is totally opposite here. There are different desserts that are available at both lunch and dinner. I generally don't turn them down. If I did I would feel better. Vegies are seldom accompanied by enough protein for me to feel good enough to want to move much.

They want me to move more. I am eating foods that aren't good for me, it is a generally escalating situation. But this noon ticked me off.

My dad complained that I didn't clean my plate. He didn't care if I didn't need the food that was left on my plate. He didn't care if it would put more weight on me, he told me "if I ordered something, then I needed to eat it."

I am still quite overweight and this man wants me to eat myself into oblivion. It really pisses me off. It's just what I don't need to have happen.

Gotta go, they just came home.

I'm leaving on Thursday,
Happy Trails,


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