Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sub Domains

Today I was working on migrating my financial website into my regular website. What I need to learn about seems to be subdomains.

I am one of those self-taught non-geeks. What I guess that I need to be is one of those self-taught geeks. How does one make the transition from being a non-geek to a geek? Is it even possible? At this time I am one person that has serious doubts.

It's never a really good day when I can't make the websites happen well. I wish my dad was more comfortable with my using a computer. Then I could work on things during the day. My dad is slightly computer-phobic. grin, grin, grin

Overall, today was a good day. I slept as it was around 90* in my parents trailer. My parents don't believe in comfort. There is no place to stretch out and be comfortable, imho. Because of knee pain, I like to actually use something that means that I can keep my knees up. I find that it really helps.

Well, when I visit my parents in Texas, you either sit up or you can lay on a bunk. The bunk area is hot. At night, I sleep on what can best be described as a shelf. It's actually a bench seat and well, this year I am wider than it is. I have to sit up to turn over, so I don't get a lot of great quality sleep. The padding is, well, at home I often sleep on the floor so its about the same. LOL

But somehow the same is less comfortable? I really don't understand how that can be, but it seems to be true.

Anyway, today seems to be a wasted day. The website isn't working out well. The brains are fried. I hate it when I have unproductive days. Today seems like one of those. Maybe that is why I don't do vacations well?

We did eat out at Olive Garden though. I enjoy Tuscan food.

Gotta go, Mom will be up in four hours and I sleep in the living room. LOl

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