Saturday, March 1, 2008

So, What happened to February?

It seems like it was just yesterday. LOL

I am currently in the Rio Grande Valley area in the Southern part of Texas. I decided to ride the train down here. It was a little cold and wet and well, being rear-ended just sort of took the starch out of me. I remember laying on the pavement thinking, damn, maybe it is time to buy a mini-van and I am so not a mini-van type of person.

The train was nice, except that the last leg was by bus. I didn't really mind that except the bus had no heat, absolutely none. It was 44* out and the driver kept going faster which of course made the wind chill even worse. Just in case you want to know what the bus company was that froze me out it's Valley Transit. I am sure that none of you will want to ride them either.

I see on their site that they are looking for both mechanics and drivers. Now I can drive a bus, but there is no way I want to drive one that doesn't work any better than the one I rode in did.

There's a hatha yoga class on Wednesdays here, but it is for an hour and a half. There's no way I would be able to move for the next three or four days. I really wanted to try the yoga, but that time length just scares the crap out of me. All these people here can out exercise me. That is so sad.

I was looking for tours that might have an opening when I got the list of classes also. It doesn't look like there is a tour that I will be able to go on, that I want to go on. There is a tour of a ranch that includes how things work and an actual branding. Wow, I can pay money to smell the flesh of calves burn. How exciting and how, how, ya know the exact words are just escaping me right now.

I have been teaching my mom a little about how to operate her computer. She could turn it off and on, but not much more other than email. Today we were working on drag and drop. The way I help people learn that is to first get them on the game of solitare and then to try to move them on to freecell. My mom is intelligent. She was not only picking up what to do with a mouse, but also the concepts of freecell.

Gotta go get some sleep. I want to get up and listen to Renaissance Unity via the web tomorrow and I have to be up and out of mom and dads way so they can get to church.

Enjoy your day, Marty

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