Friday, January 5, 2007

January 5 2007

I've not been contacted with any speaking engagements as of this time so I have been thrilled to hang around and catch some time with my grandbabies. They are wonderful kids and I am so blessed to have them be a part of my life.

I am also glad that my daughter is such a great daughter, mom and supporter. Without her this trip wouldn't have been able to happen.

I am both excited and anxious. I think that when one goes for a dream it is such a far leap of faith that it becomes an amazing thing.

I am headed down to Fort Wayne Indiana tonight then stopping due to rain and storms. I will travel over to Lansing, stop and get something hot to drink ;) and then head on over.

The roads are wet, but not really slick--gotta check out the bike and get it loaded. Everything always seems to take longer than I think that it will. Maybe that is a hang on of the mania I am working with.

Gotta go, Marty

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